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        See how the helmet to protect your head


        Bicycle helmets by absorbing the impact of the crash to be effective. In short, the inside of the helmet bubble inner cushion the impact of the impact of your skull. Traditionally, many bicycle helmets are composed of EPS foam (polystyrene) foam materials. Once the deformation of EPS foam pieces in the accident, so it will not restore and no longer have the ability to absorb collision impact. EPP foam (pp) foam can be restored after the hit, but the ability to absorb the impact is far inferior to EPS foam. Gm GeCet is also a kind of widely used in bicycle helmet bubble material, it is actually a stronger EPS foam type, more is not easy to crack. Zorbium companies have claimed that they produce foam can absorb the impact energy is twice the other helmet bubble.



        In recent years, the protective foam in quietly evolution. A combination of EPS and EPU (polyurethane foam), a new type of multiple protection foam Tau ReUp was born, in 2006 the production of new Bern unrestraint helmet (Bern, Unlimited helmets) is adopted Brock multiple patent protection foam. Look closely at the current high-end helmet products, you will notice that the usage of carbon fiber bicycle helmets to alleviate the helmet weight. Although the use of titanium or carbon fiber will greatly increase the cost of bicycle helmets, but for the same purpose, helmet manufacturers in helmet use titanium is simply a matter of time. Therefore, high-end bicycle helmet price frequently sell for 1400 yuan. The helmet light weight, large vent, and permeability is good. However, in terms of safety and absorb the impact force, less than 140 RMB and conform to the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine standard helmet, and the value of RMB 1400 (or more) helmet can provide protection.



        Another trend is bicycle helmets, tend to be more comprehensive and smoothing, the design of the commute. In the bicycle accident, the design can usually absorb shock to the greatest extent. Although they are the best choice for leisure and commuter cyclists, still, professional cyclists and drivers tend to choose aerodynamic type of helmet.

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